DirecTV Sales Requirements & Materials

6 Requirements By DIRECTV That Every Sales Agent Must Say & Go Over On EVERY Sales Call With The Customer

(If you sell anyone by sms this must be included in the sms too failure to comply with all 6 requirements will result in loss of commission)

  1. You must open every call by saying this or something very close to it. You MUST INCLUDE…” your authorized or preferred DIRECTV Dealer”

Hello customer name, this is (your name) (should match name you process accounts under) your preferred DIRECTV Dealer. How are you today? Wait for a response. Then you must say.  

  1. “This call is being recorded for quality and training purposes”

  1. Ask the customer what their MUST HAVE channels. Then just LISTEN. We need to try to fit customers with the Choice package, but DO NOT oversell it if they don’t need those additional channels. Don’t default to Entertainment just because it’s cheaper and you feel more comfortable selling based on lower price instead of focusing on value.

Let the customer tell you what they want. I’ve listened to a lot of sales calls and I hear reps speaking to older ladies and the first thing I hear the reps suggest are sports channels or Movie Channels. 99% of women, especially older women, don't give a damn about the NFL or sports. My point is you need to ask the question about what channels are important to them and then Shut Up & Listen to the customer. Every call should be about them and not what you think they might like.

  1. You must cover and talk to EVERY SINGLE CUSTOMER about Auto Bill Pay! The Benefits ($10 Discount) and the convenience of choosing a day each month to have their bill charged to their debit or credit card.

    This is part of the sale so use your sales skills to help customers see the benefits and want to sign up for ABP!

    The easiest way to do this is to address it right after they give you their card to pay the $19.95, simply just say...” Is the card you used today to cover the $19.95 the same card you’d like to use for your monthly bill to be paid by ABP?”

    This is a $10 discount for 2 years that is $120 Savings each year or $240 of saving the entire 2 year contract just by doing Auto Pay. It's a no Brainer for the customer.

  2. We must hear you asking for their personal ID # or SSN on every call or in the text of every SMS.

     All sales Reps need to be verifying Customers correct Spelling of Names, Emails, and Addresses, and verifying Phone Number to make sure its the best contact #

    If the customer won’t give you this information you havent built enough rapport with the customer. If you are selling through Sara+ where you can send them a link to enter their information. And if then you must be willing to move on to the next lead and walk away from the deal. In the world today it’s necessary to provide a SSN for pretty much everything, so walk away if they won’t give it to you.

  3. Compliance Script about 24 month agreement & ETF"I'm glad we're able to offer you the New 2 year price lock guarantee so you don't have to worry about a price increase after the first year.  You do understand this is a 24 month agreement and if you were to cancel early there is an early termination fee of $20 for every month you cancel early"

    Recap of the 6 Items every agent must COVER on every single Sales Call in order to be in compliance with DIRECTV.

    1.You must state that you’re preferred DIRECTV Dealer.

    2.This call is being recorded for quality and training purposes

    3. Ask and listen to what the customers must have channels. (Don’t name packages the customer has no clue what package includes what).

    4. You must address ABP with every customer

    5. We must hear the agent ask for the customers SSN or ID# required to qualify them and verifying all customer information to make sure it's accurate.

    6. You must disclose the 2 year Contract with the $20 Early termination fee for every remaining month on Contract at time of Cancellation.

Sales Rep Terms and Rules

This is a 24 Month Agreement with a cancellation fee if broken before 24 months ($20 for every month left on Contract)

If Movie channels are included customer needs to know how to cancel them After 3 Months

Price quoted to the customer needs to be the price Shown on the final Screen of order. (including taxes)

Email address needs to be accurate and checked regularly so customer can monitor bill for Auto Bill Pay

Auto Bill Pay is the Gold Standard, DTV expects us to have 70%+ on ABP

Choice or above package is required on 70% of all sales


  • Agents are not “Representatives of DirecTV”

  • We are a Preferred DirecTV Dealer

  •  We are not “calling on behalf of DirecTV and or AT&T” or any other service provider

  • All Branding/websites/landing pages/Campaigns need to be generic

  • Absolutely NO Press 1 campaigns or any robocalls

Resources to help customers:

Customer Service: 888-908-2801

Simple Pricing Guide For Your Agents

Link to Pricing Above to Print So All Agents Have Pinned up In Their Cubicle

(888) 308-8048