DTV Commercial Script - When a Customer Doesn't Have a
Business or Won't Qualify For Residential Service

  • Proper Opening (calling from your Authorized DirecTV Dealer)

  • Call Recorded - This call is being recorded for quality and training purposes

  • Discovery Question: MUST ASK on every call. Current provider, Do they have Internet, Last provider if no service, Have you had DTV before, if yes, how long ago. (These questions are Pre-qualifying the customer to see if you can help them before you waste your time if you can't)

  • How Many TV's

  • Verify Channels/Package: Don't say... "What channels do you like, Movies, Sports, Basic" Ask them what channels and listen. Get them to be specific so you know for sure. (To many customers not happy with package and to many accounts not installing and charging back)

  • We Don't Sell Business Basic Ever! - Must be Business Select +

  • Do You Live In a Single Family Home or Apartment? Can only install at single family homes. (Do not ask if they own their home. Ask if they are okay to have a Satellite installed)

  • Quote Monthly Price - (Don’t say around. Quote specific price and then say “Plus your local sales tax”

  • ABP - Auto Bill Pay Benefit is $20 ABP discount

  • Do Not Cancel Current Service - We don't want them to be without service if install is rescheduled for any reason

  • T&C = (Terms & Conditions. Early termination fee $30 a month for each month they cancel early for commercial accounts)

  • Installation expectations - 1-3 hours, Install window, Tech will call 30 minutes before arrival

  • BAN - Provide Account Number (Every customer must be given their account number at the end of the call before saying goodbye)

  • $4.99 For Website - If They Are Buying a Website Do Not Submit The Charge Until Order is Processed and Install Scheduled.

  • Proper Close When Finished - Thank them for letting you to help them out and Welcome each customer to DTV

Blue text is for you to insert the information noted as you speak to the customer.

Blue text is information for you to be aware of as you speak to the customer to discuss if it is applicable.

Purple text = Sales Reps must understand if they are selling commercial accounts

This Script You Must Followed

Hi ___customer name___, this is ___Rep name___ your authorized DirecTV dealer. We received the information you submitted from our Facebook ad about TV Service.    

To get you the best offer available, is it okay if I ask  you a few questions?

Do you currently have TV service?

(IF NO Service Skip to the Green line below)

Who is your current provider?

How long have you been with ___current provider___? 

Great, how many TV’s do you want to get set up?  

How much are you paying _____Current Provider____right now?
(Skip to the Orange line below)


If No TV service continue below.

How long has it been since you had Cable or Satellite service?

(Trying to find out if the had Directv in the past 2 years.

Which company did you have TV service with before?  

How many TV’s do you want to get set up? 


What are your must have channels or the programs you want to be sure are included?

Be sure you listen and probe deeper by asking for example if they say sports, what type of sports and what channel do they typically watch that on? IF they say Movies you must ask what type of movies. What channel have you watch those type of movies on? If they say BASIC that doesn't mean the lowest package necessarily. What does basic mean? This is one of the most important things to be clear about so you know for sure the right package to quote the price on.

Just a couple more questions ____Cstm name____ so l can provide you with the best offers available

Do you live in a Single family home or an apartment? 

(If they say they live in an Apartment, YOU CANNOT sell a Commercial account to Apartments or Townhomes. If they end up getting a Residential Account please be sure to sell anyone that lives in an Apartment DTV Streaming service. You need to be sure they have Internet or that you sell them Internet also in order for DTV Streaming service to work.

Is it okay to have a Satellite dish on your home?

(The next two sentences below must be heard on EVERY call for Commercial Service)

We have a couple of offers available for you. The first offer has a pretty good discount for business owners. Do you or anyone in the home own a business of any kind or are anyone in the home paid as subcontractor by 1099?

The second option is a little more popular, however, it doesn't have quite the Discount but comes with an HD DVR so you to record, pause, rewind and fastforward. It also comes with 20 more channels in each package. This option has a soft credit check as well.
Do you know if your credit score is around 580 or above?     

(From here you need to determine based on the customers answers and your experience as a DTV/Telco sales professional as you've listened to the customers answers whether DTV Residential or Commercial is best for the customers. FOCUS ON THE CUSTOMER not what you want to sell. I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR ANYONE OFFERING THE FIRST MONTH FREE and FIRST BILL NOT FOR 45 DAYS!


If you continue selling a Residential account finish as you would to get their credit or debit card. Residential accounts should have ABP and Choice+ on no less than 50% of accounts. 

READ AND UNDERSTAND THIS SECTION IN PURPLE: If they tell you that they CANNOT qualify for Directv Residential service OR after you have quoted them the price for a Residential DTV account they can't afford it then and only then can you move on to explain the commercial option and HOW they can qualify for it.

If they do not have a Business of any type it is up to the customer to provide us something for them to qualify for a commercial account. If they want to start a business and they are willing to pay for a website you can refer them to Business in a Box but they will need to pay them $24.99 to get their website built.

We can't sell customers like we did in the past where we offered everything to them to "qualify the customer" This keeps the liability on us as a Dealer. and we'll get terminated. The customer must do what they need to to qualify so we can't be held accountable and terminated. If they want to make a sign to put in the front window with the name of their business, that would work as long as they sent you a picture of the sign.

To quality for the commercial account that doesn't require a credit check and to get the channels we've discussed, the price based on Auto Bill Pay is just $_________ a month. In order to qualify for a commercial account you'll need to provide proof of business OR if you would like to open your own business I go provide you some information that might get you qualified.

(If they don't have a business ask)... Have you ever thought of starting your own business?

What type of business would you start and what would be a name you'd use for the business?

If you don't have a business there is a company that we can refer you to that will build you a website with a custom URL for just $4.99. I can get you their information and they can have it done for you in 24 hours and that would qualify you for the Commercial account at the discounted price.

(AHP will require confirmation from them that the $4.99 was paid or we would have to cancel the account before the install since it requires proof of business in order to quality for the commercial Directv account)

They need to pay the company to get a website built. You can refer them to Business in a Box. They only charge $4.99 for a website. They MUST provide their information and Credit Card number to put on the form that goes to Business in a Box. If the card is declined we will have to cancel the order before it installs. Make sure to ask the customer if there will be a problem with the card because the order will have to be cancelled if it's declined.

Okay ___customer name___ I can get you set up with the ____# of TVs____ and the channels we discussed for just $____. This price is based on a $20 discount with auto bill pay.

Can I please get your address that we will be installing your new service?

Your account will have your name, ___customer name__ on the account as well as your business name, ___ business name____ on the account.

Is the email address that you'd like listed on the account the one you submitted from our Facebook ad?

Okay, great. Is the phone number that we're talking on now the number you'd like listed on your account? 

To get your account setup and $99 installation fee has been paid on your behalf. There is a one time $19.95 processing fee that Directv charges that they don't let us cover. Could you have your credit or debit card available for my account creations team who will process your order, schedule your installation and provide you with your account number.

Do you mind holding for just one moment while I connect our call with our Account Creations team?

Thank you, I'll be right back

The information Below is for our Account Creations Team

Hi, ____________ this is ____________ with the Account Creations team. I'm going to get your account processed for your new TV service, provide you with your account number and the date and time slot for your install.

There are a couple of things I need to go over and we'll be finished in a minute or two. I really appreciate your time and patience today

It looks like your getting _____# TV"s_____ set up and the price is just $________ a month.

(If they are using Business in a Box) I see that you're looking to start a new business so that qualifies for this business account offer to be installed at your home.

I'm using your name _________ _______________ for the account and the business name of _____________________. Is that correct?

Okay, the $99 installation fee has been covered on your behalf. I'll just need the debit or credit card you'd like to use for the one time processing fee of $19.95

Give me just a moment while I process the order and pull up the schedule to see how soon I can have a technician out to get your new service installed.

Okay, ________I can have my technician out there on ____Date____ between _______ and _______ or from _______ to _____ which time slot is best for you?

Do you have something you can write down your account number ______name_____?

Great, Your account number is _______________

You will received an email from Directv with your account number and installation date and time as well.

Now I just need to go over a few disclosures real quick and I'll have you on your way.

Do you understand that there is a 2 year agreement with this service, If you cancel Early there is an early termination fee of $30 per month for each month that you cancel early.

If for any reason you don't get installed the one time processing fee of $19.95 will be refunded by Directv to your credit or debit card once the account is cancelled with Directv.

The install takes between 1-3 hours. Please make sure your TV's are accessible to the technician. The technician will call you 30 minutes prior to arrival. The install time is a window so he could show up anytime between _______ and ________.

*The Customer must give a clear "YES" or "NO" to each of the following:

1. Do you understand that today you are signing up for a DirecTV Business Account?
2. Do you understand that this Business Account is a 24 month Contract with Early termination fees if you cancel before 24 Months?
3. Do you understand this DirecTV Business account is required to be set up on Auto Bill Pay and you are receiving a $20 Discount?
4. Do you understand this DirecTV Business account DOES NOT include a DVR "recording" Feature?
5. Do you understand this is a DirecTV Business account and DOES NOT include internet unless discussed separately?

If you have questions after your installation would you please right down this number to call if you ever have any questions?

The number is 888-388-4249

Have I addressed everything? Do you have any questions before we wrap things up ?

Thank you for allowing me to assist you with your new Directv business service and thank you for your patience, have a great day!


Do Not offer the first month bill FREE or emphasis FREE installation or NO payment upfront, etc. You use these things to help bring value to close the sale ONLY when the customer gives you an objection about not moving forward or cost of paying for a website for their business.


This isn't a sell because it's so easy to get customers signed up for this with no cost and a bill credit that covers their first bill. Focusing on these things with the customer only gives you a worse customer and you'll see a charge backs pushing 70-80%. You get paid very well to SALE this service and it's such an easy sell when all you do is highlight everything that is FREE, who wouldn't do it? I could pay plenty of people $8 an hour and a $20 spiff for every sale instead of the commission I pay and they would have no problem.

If a customer can't pay a company to get a website for $9.99 then that customer isn't a good customer, so don't sell those people.
People who have crappy credit will get set up for "FREE TV" service that won't turn off for 90 days who have no intention to pay their bill in the first place. You must understand this business, customers and the importance of walking away from a sale.

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