Residential DTV Script Reps Must Use!

Hello ________! This is ________, I am calling because you filled out your information on Facebook for TV Service.

How many TVs do you need hooked up?

Great and do you currently have TV service?

To be sure I get you exactly what you're looking for and to be sure I get you the right channel package, what are your favorite or must have channels that you want to be sure you'll have?  

For the _______ TV's and the channels you’ve mentioned, our choice package is the best value and comes with an HD DVR so you can record your favorite shows and movies, pause, rewind and fast forward that will run just $_________ a month plus your local sales tax. How does that sound?

Now, I just need to verify your information before I process your account. Is the number that I called you on that we’re speaking on the number you’d like listed on your account?

I have your name as __________ __________ and your email address as _______________. Is that correct?

May I have your address that we’ll be installing your new service?

OK, just a couple more things before I connect you with our account creations team who will process your new account, schedule your installation and provide you with your account number. There is a soft credit verification, which is a soft-check that does not affect your credit score. In order to do this the system requires your Social Security number. What is your social _______________?

To protect the security of your account, Directv will require you to provide them an answer to two security questions if you ever needed to call in so they can verify that it's you that they are speaking with.

The first one is a 4 digit PIN that you'll remember?

The last security question, what is your favorite restaurant?

I've got some good news _______customer name_________ there’s no cost on the equipment and the $99 professional installation fee has been paid on your behalf.

All that's required today is a one-time system activation fee of just $19.95. Unfortunately Directv doesn't allow us to pay on your behalf. Before I can transfer you to my account creations team who will process your account, schedule your professional installation and provide you your account number could I get the debit or credit card you'll be using for them to process your account to get your installation scheduled?


All that we ask is that you keep the service for at least two years which is the length of the agreement. The only other fee that is associated is the monthly service of $_______/mo, which will not increase during the life of the agreement. This is a two year price lock guarantee based on Auto Bill Pay. Is the card that you used for the activation fee the same card you’d like listed on your account for Auto bill Pay? (If they don’t want auto bill pay you must quote the price with the $10 increase so they are clear about the price)

Okay, ______ it looks like I can schedule your install on ________ between 8am to noon or between noon and 4 pm, which one would work best for you?

The install will take between 1-3 hours and the technician will call you 30 minutes before he arrives. Please be sure all TV’s are accessible.

(Read only if they have TV Service) Mr/Mrs_______ be sure that you do not cancel your current TV service until our technician has your new service installed. I’ve had a few customers cancel that had to reschedule their install time for various reasons that ended up without service for several days. I want to be sure this doesn’t happen to you.

You understand that this is a 24 month agreement and if you cancel early there is an early termination fee of $20 for each month you cancel early and if the early termination fee isn’t paid it could be reported to the credit bureaus?

Do you have something you can write down your account number and the phone number to call if you have any questions?

Your account number is _________ and the number to Directv is 800-531-5000.

Thank you for your time and allowing me to help you out today. Are there any questions that you have for me? Great, welcome to the Directv family

Things You Should Know!

If they live in an apartment, YOU CANNOT sell them a Residential Satellite account. If they live in an apartment, Duplex or anything other than a Single Family home you need to sell DTV Stream. It has the same packages as DTV just without a Satellite Dish.

If you haven't built any rapport and they won't give you their SSN you can ask for their Drivers license number and expiration date.

If you're not speaking to the person who opted in you must put the name on the account of the person you're speaking to or get verbal consent from the person whos name the account will be in if it's no the person you're talking to. If you do not get their consent on the call you cannot put their name on the account. No one can give you consent to use another name but the person who's name is being used!!

When asking for the PIN and Favorite Restaurant DO NOT SUGGEST WHAT THEY SHOULD USE. Wait for them to tell you


Each item below MUST be covered on every call

If you follow the script you will cover each item

  • Proper Opening - This is _______ calling with your Authorized DirecTV Dealer in response to the information they submitted through a Facebook ad.

  • Call Recorded: This call is being recorded for quality and training purposes

  • Discovery Question: Current provider, Time with current provider, Do they have Internet, If no Service now who was the Last provider, Have they had DTV in the past two years? (These questions are Pre-qualifying the customer to see if you can help them before you waste your time to find out at end of call.

  • How Many TV's

  • Verify Must Have Channels - DTV wants customers with Choice+. The problem is many are saying Entertainment without knowing this is right for the customer

  • Offer the Choice/+ pkg. - Sell from the Top Down. (This means don't just offer Entertainment package without knowing exactly the channels they want)

  • Do You Live In a Single Family Home or Apartment? If they live in an apartment you must sell DTV Streaming service. Do not ask if they own their home. Simple say "Is it okay to put a Satellite dish on your home"?

  • Quote The Monthly Price - Never quote the price that doesn't include the DVR! Quote the price based on the price listed below. 2 year price lock guarantee (Don’t say around. Quote specific price and then say “Plus your local tax”)

  • FAB (Features and Benefits of DVR)

  • Verify Customers Information - Name, Address and Phone. If a Name Other Than Their Name You Must Get Permission, Consent From That Person!

  • $19.95 Fee - I'm Going To Waive Your the $49.95 installation Fee but There Is a One Time $19.95 fee process the account to Send The Tech Out

  • ABP - Benefit and discount

  • Do Not Cancel Current Provider Service - We don't want them to be without service if install is rescheduled for any reason

  • Monthly Bill monthly statement will be sent to your email

  • T&C - (Terms & Conditions) 2 yr agreement ETF (Early termination fee) $20 a month for each month they cancel early

  • Installation expectations - 1-3 hours, Install window, Tech call 30 min before arrival

  • Provide BAN (You must provide the account number)

  • Proper Close When Finished - Thank them for letting you to help them out and Welcome each customer to DTV

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